Footprints, traces and lines

The memory of landscape; remnants of the past, traces of former actions.

FootprintsTraces of past lives: a footprint here, a line there, impressed, inscribed, drawn into the landscape. Some last but a fleeting moment. Others endure through the centuries, millennia even. Which are chosen to last? Is it design or chance? Intended or mistaken? Footprints become a trace, a line, a path, become a routeway, a journey, a road. An action, an event, is woven into a landscape. A camp, a fire, a trace of habitation becomes a settlement, a home, a place. The fleeting can become permanent, while the enduring can be forgotten. Landscapes are made and remade, forgotten, re-created. They are interwoven, connected, knitted together with the lives of their inhabitants. Making, informing and remaking the lives of those within. Landscapes are woven into and out of us. Gloriously complex, always rooted in the past, in the fleeting actions of those before, they are both made by and make us. Landscapes: traces of past lives – a footprint here, a line here, lives woven into the landscape. Landscapes: part of us, woven into lives.



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